Crawl Space & Basement Excavation Toronto

During the process of underpinning, we tunnel into crawlspaces and basements, excavating large amounts of soil to create new livable spaces. We're able to extend the existing basements into adjacent crawlspaces to increase the basement floor area. This work is carried out strategically to protect against collapse and to ensure the structural integrity of the house above.


We begin by cutting an opening from the existing basement area into the unexcavated crawlspace, and assess the condition of the foundations. We then choose one of the following options:


1. If the existing foundation is in good shape, we underpin it.

2. If the existing foundation is not in good shape, we support the house, rip out the existing foundation and pour a new foundation all at once.

3. If the existing foundation is not in good shape, we replace the existing foundation in sections.


In each instance, our greatest priority is to protect the stability of the house, while dramatically improving the quality, size and height of the underground space.